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Hello everyone. My name is Riane Bawalan and I am currently a Senior at Townsend Harris High School. I currently live in the biggest apple city there is and I will be currently posting my outfits of each day of the school year on here. With specific details and such. I hope you enjoy everything you see and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

So sit back, scroll down and welcome to my fashion blog. :)
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Yes perfect fall outfit :)

Denim button down from J. Crew

Maroon jeggings from American Eagle

Creme cardigan from Forever 21

Brown boots from Dollhouse 

Sorry I was sick this weekend and didn’t get a chance to take separate pictures of each piece but here is the info anyways!

The blouse is from Express

The skirt from H&M

The shoes from Prima Donna 

It was another perfect weather day in the city that never sleeps :)

Navy Blazer with Gold buttons from Forever 21

Off white tank top from Zara

Printed pants from J. Crew

I usually dress preppy all the time, so today I decided to dress down. I went bummy but bummy hypebeast haha. Joking joking. Hope you like the pieces I put together in this outfit!

Here’s the info y’all :)

Black varsity jacket from Nike 

Black sweatpants with a zipper on the ankle from Zara

A red and yellow beanie from Supreme 2012 collection

A black leather watch from Casio bought at American Apparel

And my kicks from New Balance

Outfit of the day on the train and at my work edition

I was on the M train heading to work, and then I did not have time to take a good picture so here’s a typical selfie in the mirror. I loved my outfit today. I had a college tour at The Fashion Institute of Technology (In New York City, 7th Ave and 27th street) so ya know I had to dress appropriately, then again I wear outfits like these on a normal basis haha. But I never combined these pieces before so I was definitely excited to see the turnout. I hope you like it too :)

Here’s the info y’all!

White button down chambray from J. Crew

Navy cardigan from Ralph Lauren

Green denim jeans from Tommy Hilfiger

Brown rope belt from Old Navy

Boots from Bass & Co. 

Gold on black leather watch from Casio bought at American Apparel

Sunday = Church day! So I decided to wear almost the same thing as yesterday, BUT I added my maroon/bordeaux knit sweater on-top of it. 

Here’s the info :)

Maroon knit sweater from H&M

Denim Jeans and Button down from J. Crew

I didn’t mind re-using my outfit from the other day because I only wore this for a few hours, then change into my at home clothing haha. This should be a great example of mixing and matching ;) 

I’m just an ordinary 17 year old girl living in New York City.

So please don’t mind the ordinary quality pictures that I capture with my iPhone 4s haha. Just a disclaimer. Until I get a better camera or a photographer. Thank you to everyone who’s been liking my pictures and supporting me through this. 

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Fall weather yay! 

Button down from J. Crew

"Toothpick" denim jeans from J. Crew

Oversized Knit Cardigan from Koto - Bought at Urban Outfitters

Ah first time putting these pieces together and I was quite excited to wear them. I think it came out great, and I hope you think so too!

Here’s the info :)

Denim button down from J. Crew

Khaki skinny jeans from Uniqlo

And light pink Vans from Vans 

To be honest, I think everyone should invest in a denim button down, because you can mix and match it with SO many things. It’s just great to have. 

I wish I had a better picture to show you the full outfit but I guess my ootd post from my instagram will be okay. 

I feel as if this is a very appropriate outfit for fall, I hope you agree!

Here’s the info y’all :)

Orange maxi skirt & cream Lace tank top from Forever 21

Brown roped belt from Old Navy

Great look for a great price :) No one needs to know where you got this or that, it’s how you rock it that matters.